Ron Bakir is the CEO and Founder of Homecorp Property Group. He has led an extremely talented and dedicated team of industry professionals for over 10 years, growing and creating one of the most dynamic land and property development companies in Queensland.

As a true 21st century leader and entrepreneur, Ron Bakir has a unique gift for inspiring and motivating those around him. His natural talent and business ability have allowed him to continuously recognise a great investment when he sees one, which has helped him become one of the most successful business owners in an extremely competitive industry. 

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Ron Bakir, founder of the ever-thriving Homecorp Group, has this year been nominated for the Construction Executive of the Year category at the esteemed 2015 Executive of the Year awards. 

On the eve of Australia's most prestigious business sector awards night, Ron sat down with The CEO Magazine to talk about constructing his vast property empire, from achieving his first house and land package sales in Western Australia, to creating entire urban communities on the East Coast today. 

How does a property development business start?
Eleven years ago Ron Bakir was doing the same renovate and resell routine many others in the construction industry start off with.
Having perfected the art of flipping houses, Ron soon began to yearn for something more - something that would use his visionary mind and passion for forecasting market trends, and would build on his experience in construction and development.

In 2004 Ron left his Gold Coast home to venture into the world of subdivision. Western Australia proved to be the winning ticket with 500 house and land packages sold there in only three years.

Homecorp development had been born.

What, or rather where, is Ron’s secret? 
Ron told the CEO Magazine his strategy is simple: "We have significant and holdings in strategic locations."
"Homecorp sources and secures new projects in regions of high infrastructure investment and job creation. Because Homecorp recognises that a great investment comes from delivering quality home in a quality place for the future."

Ever the entrepreneur, Ron was keen to expand these land holdings to other property hot spots he'd identified in the Victorian market. This expansion paid off, with his developments in Melbourne's fringe suburbs selling out in record speed between 2005 and 2007. 

Not satisfied with just multiple locations, Ron made the savvy move to expand his business in 2007 to include luxury riverfront projects and high quality residences throughout the Gold Coast including the prestigious Royal Pines Resort. 

"For us to build a great company we need to be able to have this mindset of going beyond. The average person is always thinking average, and I want my people to not think average," Ron told The CEO Magazine. 
Between 2008 and 2012, Ron began to focus more closely on his regions Queensland business, developing hundreds of properties in Gympie, Bundaberg, Townsville, Rockhampton, Gladstone and Toowoomba.

Homecorp is now the largest developer in the Rockhampton region.

With a development portfolio stretching across Western Australia, Victoria and Queensland, in 2012 Homecorp entered into the South Australian market, developing the first 120 of 700 lots. In 2013 Homecorp acquired the Keppel Cove Estate on the Capricorn Coast which boasts 7km of beach front and 1700 proposed dwellings.

What's next...
In just over ten years Homecorp Group has gone from one man renovating homes to a market leading construction and development company with a billion dollars in sales.
"We went from humble beginnings of doing one house here and one house there, right up to doing a few hundred per year. We have about 4,500 allotments that will be developed over the coming years," Ron said in The CEO Magazine profile.

With more than 15 projects under its belt, what does the future of Homecorp look like for Ron Bakir, his 125 team members and many business partners? Presently Ron Bakir's pride and joy and the jewel in the Homecorp crown is the ambitious 'The Pines Yeppoon' residential community. 

Situated in a prime location beside the Yeppoon Gold Course and only 5 minutes from Yeppoon Beach, The Pines' 130 hectare site encompasses 1,000 lots and will house a community of close to 3,000.

Homecorp’s first master planned community has very above average ambitions: it's set to feature parks, a kae with all of the summer activities that go with it, kilometres of walk and cycle ways, recreational areas, multipurpose sports pitches, outdoor fitness equipment, super-fast broadband and free wi-fi spots.

And, in line with Bakir's passions for portfolio diversification, the plan also includes a commercial precinct with shopping and child care facilities. The ambitious $500 million development is set to be completed over an 8-10 year period. But, in typical Ron Bakir fashion, Homecorp isn't limiting itself to just one project.

The next hot region in Ron's sights? The Gold Coast.

In 2013, Ron Bakir was awarded the coveted title of Gold Coast Young Entrepreneur of the Year, in recognition of the new path he was forging in property development with Homecorp and his consistent delivery of increased turnovers in an industry that has seen some extremely challenging times. 

The prestigious Gold Coast Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award is presented by Gold Coast Business News, in acknowledgement of emerging young talent on the Gold Coast. They celebrate the achievements of the best and brightest young business minds who are making their mark in the local business community.

Managing Director of Business News Australia Camilla Jansen says the Awards are a “special and unique initiative celebrating young, home-grown talent and the top prize should be a goal for all upcoming business leaders”. 

“I’ve always had a passion to be successful, and I guess success to everybody is different. But for me, when I get told that something can’t be done, that drives me more. When I’m passionate about something I just go for it.”
— Ron Bakir


Ron’s passion and talent for property led him to form Homecorp Property Group in 2004. Since then, the company has become one of the country’s leading residential urban community creators, delivering almost 2000 homes through 15 lucrative projects across Australia and achieving nearly a billion dollars in sales. 

Ron Bakir built his property empire from humble beginnings – just a single plot of vacant land – into a thriving property development company that now has three divisions:

-          Luxury homes: priced from $3 million to $5 million

-          Medium to high-end villas: priced from $900k to $1.2 million

-          Affordable residential housing: priced under $500k

Over the last decade, Homecorp has steadily grown to deliver almost a billion dollars’ worth of residential urban properties and master planned communities all around Australia. It has continued to achieve year on year growth, even through the most difficult times of the Global Financial Crisis.

Homecorp is privately headquartered on the Gold Coast in Queensland, and actively sources and secures new development projects in areas of high infrastructure investment and job creation in line with Ron Bakir’s passion for delivering quality homes in quality places, and improving Australia’s future with more jobs and inspirational places to live.

Having produced many home and land projects in Queensland, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia, Homecorp is now in the final stages of developing a landmark urban community on the beautiful Capricorn Coast – the Pines Yeppoon. The development will eventually house 3000 residents in 950 lots on a stunning 55 hectare estate, and will also create approximately 500 jobs for the local community.

Having just entered the South East Queensland corridor again with substantial land holding in the region, Homecorp is in a position to see significant growth over the next few years. Past development projects have seen phenomenal success, with all estates selling out very quickly and beating the market trend. 


Ron Bakir was born to a Lebanese migrant family, and has personally experienced what it is like to start out with nothing and forge your own path. His drive, ambition and desire to achieve the impossible led him to start his own business in 1995 selling mobile phones, at the young age of just 17. Eventually Ron made his foray into property development, and his fantastic success in the industry has confirmed his natural business talent and ability. 

“Believe what you want to believe. Believe why you are doing it. Understand, set a goal. Make sure your goal is very clear in your mind.”
— Ron Bakir

“If you can’t see it [your goal], nobody else can. But once you see it, make sure everybody else in your team can see the same goal and just drive…Don’t let anybody tell you that you can’t do it, because you can.”

Ron Bakir credits his outstanding success to the experience he has developed and the lessons he has learnt over the last decade with Homecorp.

“We [Homecorp] believe in extensive research. We spend a lot of money on research and identifying the hotspots, analysing the market; we find out what the market wants and we create a product that suits that market. We have a clear vision and we ensure that we deliver on that vision.

“I believe in creating things, I believe in helping people, I believe in creating opportunities…I love business, I love people and I love creating opportunities. We will continue to do that and grow stronger and stronger.

“Once you create something that is different, people come. When people come, communities are created.”

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