At Homecorp our purpose is to deliver a property  experience beyond expectations


From our origins in 2004 Homecorp began as a luxury construction business focused on quality and craftsmanship. With experience and success building $5m luxury homes on the Gold Coast, Homecorp entered the residential market with the same passion for perfection, functionality and lasting quality.

Homecorp has engaged the services of prominent architects and interior designers to ensure that our products are delivered with great features and exceptional street appeal.

With extensive research, we have developed a range of quality homes; all of which are designed for functional living and fitted with the latest quality appliances.

Quality assurance designed to deliver a quality home beyond expectations


Right from the outset, the construction will be certified by a Private Certifier, Council and Valuers acting on behalf of your financial institution; and supervised by our professional team. An Independent Building Inspector will also conduct a thorough inspection on your behalf prior to handover to ensure that it meets our quality standards.

At handover, you will also benefit from a free 6 months Warranty Period during which our team will be available to come and fix any maintenance issues that may occur.

Your home complete; from services to quality appliances, from fences and turf to functional gardens


We understand that building and construction can be a stressful endeavour for any investor or home owner, especially for first timers. Therefore Homecorp offers a complete personalised customer service and delivers your home as a full turn-key product.

Knowing that everything will be done for you; with build inspections to guarantee quality, and photo evidence at every step, Homecorp makes the construction process easy. 

Homecorp Constructions is poised to develop as one of Queensland’s most prominent and privately owned building company over the next few years


Homecorp prides itself on customer service and delivering quality at every turn. Our products have been touted as the best residential houses in the investor market for design, finishes, quality and street appeal.

Our building supervisors individually have no less than 20 years building experience and provide vast industry knowledge and expertise to ensure that we deliver on our promises and importantly that we engage, manage and monitor the best local trades to construct each home.